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yokohama chicken

Yokohama Hen

yokohama chicken


yokohama chickenyokohama chicken Rooster

Chicken Breed Info:Purpose: Ornamental
Comb: Walnut
Broodiness: Average
Climate Tolerance: Heat
General Egg Info:Productivity: Low
Size: Small
Color: Light Brown
Breed Temperament:Bears confinement well,Docile Breed Colors / Varieties:White and Red-Saddled or Red-Shouldered Pictures courtesy of Chickndaddy and chickencharmer.

Chicken Breed History:

yokohama chicken is basically the same as the Phoenix, except the Yokohama has a Walnut comb as opposed to the Phoenix’s single comb. Color patterns are also different, with the Yokohama’s officially recognized patterns including White and Red Shouldered vs. the Phoenix’s Silver and Golden.

This breed originated in Germany and came from a Japanese long-tailed breed, the Onagadori. Originally, the long-tailed breeds came from China but Japan was successful in breeding for the long tail. The Yokohama’s name came from the location where the original Onagadori were imported from, Yokohama, Japan. The Yokohama looks similar to another long-tailed breed, the Phoenix. It is a yellow skinned breed. The Yokohama can be found in a Bantam size as well as a standard size, however, it does not get very big, 4 – 5 pounds for a standard Yokohama.

Chicken Breed Comments / Experience:

yokohama chicken is an ornamental bird that is a poor layer of small cream or tinted eggs. The yokohama chicken is reported to lay an average of 80 eggs per year. They are very slow to mature and require special roosting accomodations for the tail of the roosters. yokohama chicken is a beautiful bird with little use aside from their appearance and personality. yokohama chicken is not hardy in the winter, not great layers, not known for broodiness and require extra accomodating in order to protect their beautiful long tail. Roosters can be very aggressive with other males and the females can be very protective mothers. Some females seldom are broody while others are very broody. If you are looking for a beautiful bird that lays well and is hardy, the Yokohama is not for you but they have a special place among the ornamental breeds.

Egg Facts:

Egg Laying: Poor (1/wk)  Egg Color: Cream or Tinted  Egg Size: Small

Suitability in backyard Life:

Hardy In Winter: No          Bears Confinement: Bears confinement well
Especially Docile: Yes      Setter/Broody: No    Personality: docile

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