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Leghorn chickens

White Leghorn Std Rooster

Leghorn chickens


The Leghorn chicken is named after the Italian city of Leghorn/Livorno. Leghorns and leghorn crossbreeds are one of the most popular commercial breeds of chicken worldwide and while the majority are white, a number of varieties also exist.Leghorn chickens are recognized in colours of white, red, black tailed red, light brown, dark brown, black,blue, buff, columbian,buff columbian,barred, exchequer and silver.

Most Leghorn chickens have single combs but there are several colour varieties that have rose combs. Leghorns are excellent layers of white eggs (around 300 per year), but they can be noisy, flighty and easily excited. Leghorns mature quickly, but are generally not considered to be large birds. Leghorn chickens’ weight averages from 3lbs to 4lbs. Due to their prolific egg-laying, they are preferred by laboratories for embryonic and avian biological research as well as being the number one breed used for large-scale commercial egg production in the United States.

Part of the selective breeding has also meant that they hardly show signs of broodiness, giving an uninterrupted supply of eggs. But of course you’ll always hear stories from leghorn owners who state their birds are always broody and having chicks…

The birds are used widely by commercial egg producers and most of the chalky white eggs you’ll find in the stores are from these hens.

You won’t often hear me talking about keeping chickens for their meat on this site (I’d rather get my cooked chicken from the Supermarket!!) but leghorns are not a good bird to choose, if you are looking for birds for the table.

They start laying at about 18 weeks old and continue producing into old age.

This breed is very athletic, hardy, non-sitters and lay very nice large white eggs  The White Leghorn is a prolific layer of white eggs. They produce more eggs on less feed than most chickens.

Hen ——-4 1/2 lbs
Rooster—-6 lbs
Pullet——4 lbs
Cockerel—5 lbs

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