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brown leghorn

Leghorn Rooster

brown leghorn


Chicken Breed Info:Purpose: Egg Layer
Comb: Rose
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: Cold
General Egg Info:Productivity: High
Size: Large
Color: White
Breed Temperament:Friendly,Flighty,Bears confinement well,Noisy,Shy Breed Varieties:black, dark brown, light brown, buff, white, and a few other colors


Chicken Breed History:

Leghorns is a Mediterranean breed, so the single comb version is not cold tollerant, but this is rose comb. leghorns came from italy, they were made to be a good, non- setting, egg laying breed. leghorns are the most common white egg layer in the egg industries. in England, (for the single comb) the comb is much larger than the ones in the states.

Chicken Breed Comments / Experience:

I don’t have any, but i’ve heard if raised right, they can be very friendly! the rosecomb varity is very cold tollerant for you people in the north. they are a little bit flighty, but that really depends on how they were raised and on the chicken. i would suggest them to many people.

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